Font Applications for the iPhone

“It has been predicted that Apple will have sold 45 million iPhones by the end of 2009. And that’s before it hits China. There aren’t hundreds of type-related apps for the iPhone, but here are few; and a few type-related tips too.”

From I Love Typography. I have way too many apps on my iPhone, most of them games to appease our kids on long trips, but there are a few here worth a mention. In particular, I see that the excellent What the Font? service now has an iPhone app version that uses the phone’s camera. So you can identify fonts just using your phone instead of scanning, cropping, and uploading a font sample to their service. Neat.

By the way, this article includes by chance a link to I Love Typography’s article about how to identify fonts, not just using What the Font? but also other services and techniques.

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